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4 Pounds Lighter !

Well, I am hooked. Weight Watchers really is the best thing since a slice of Nimble (that's low calorie bread, in case you don't know). I was very proud on Monday night to have found out I was 4 pounds lighter!

I never thought I would be the type to high five with a complete stranger but the atmosphere at those meetings is kind of infectious. All these lovely ladies started telling me how well I had done and how I will have my first half stone before I know it. I really got into the spirit of the meeting as well and before I knew it I was sharing hints and tips like a pro. Got to hand out my business card to a few people as well, so I am looking at it like a networking meeting. Bonus!

Claire and the kids were very proud, but would not allow me a celebratory pint of beer when I got home. I was on a natural high anyway. Claire was kind of impressed with my newly defined abs, which I swear I can see. She took a little bit more convincing.

Pity that the shine was well and truly taken off my week when I went in to work the next morning. I am still working on the la-de-da kitchen, but they seem to have forgotten that I work alone and that this means things take longer. They wanted the perfect kitchen and that is what I will deliver – but I take my time to get things right. It may not suit them – or be profitable for me half the time – but that is the way it is.

I have only been there just over a week and have ripped out their kitchen, fixed all the dodgy electrics, reboarded all the walls and skimmed the ceiling. But they still felt that a meeting with me was necessary to “discuss progress”. Honestly, do they think they are project managers or something? They have no idea what is involved to change their 1980's kitchen into a gleaming modern, gadget filled masterpiece.

Anyway, once I had talked them through the rewiring, plumbing redirections, cracked and decaying plaster and vinyl which was practically welded to the floor, their eyes glazed over and they accepted that “unforeseen circumstances” meant they would have to wait just that little bit longer.

What is a few days when they will have the best kitchen in the South East, which they will be able to enjoy – or not, as the case may be – for years to come? I find myself managing people a lot more than I ever thought I would have to in this job. I chose to work alone to get away from the “office” politics. But really it is about schmoozing and keeping people happy.

Still the customer is always right.....I almost felt the need for a sugar rush after that little boardroom get together. But I resisted and felt very in control ever since. Could it be that this little blog is actually helping me deal with my problems? Surely not....

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