Half of UK Homeowners Admit Their Property Is In Disrepair

Nearly half of homeowners in the UK admit that their properties are in need of repairs that they have yet to carry out.

It’s long been thought the UK is a nation of DIY enthusiasts who are never happier than when they’re up a ladder painting a ceiling or filling in a crack. However, it appears our reputation as a society of make do and menders is on the wane, as new research has revealed homeowners across the country are letting their properties fall into disrepair.

Homes in need of repair

A study by mortgage and secured loan broker OceanFinance.co.uk has revealed that just less than half of Britain’s homeowners have admitted their property would benefit from repairs. However, of these, 54% said they could not afford to get the work done.

Yet some of the repairs that homeowners listed might not break the bank to carry out. For instance, damp or mould was a problem more than a quarter of homeowners said they had. This doesn’t cost a fortune to sort out – providing you catch it early. There are products available that can be sprayed on mildew to remove it within an hour. However, leaving the problem to fester is not only bad for your house – it’s also bad for your health.

A job that certainly shouldn’t cost a lot to tackle is that of the overgrown garden, which more than one in five people admitted to having. It might be a task that takes up more than one weekend, but in most cases it is possible to do it without stretching yourself financially – all you need is a little elbow grease. However, by not sorting out a messy garden, you will not only risk annoying your neighbours, but you could also devalue your property.

It isn’t just the cost that’s putting people off fixing their homes, though. One in four revealed they simply hadn’t got around to carrying out the necessary repairs, and just short of a quarter claimed they needed to find someone else to do the job.

Call in the professionals

Other repair jobs noted by those surveyed included damaged roofing (13%), leaking pipes or roof (11%) and rewiring (11%). These are all tasks that homeowners may prefer to leave up to professionals, which can be expensive. However, again the price of getting the repairs done is likely to be far cheaper than the cost of leaving them to wreak further damage. Faulty electrics are a fire hazard, and damaged or leaking roofs and pipes can lead to parts of the structure collapsing.

Rather than being a society who just make do, it appears UK homeowners need to start doing some mending too.

Author: OceanFinance.co.uk

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