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Heating and Cooling

Air Treatment

Heating and Cooling Air Treatment

Air conditioning units as well as floor and desk fans. Often referred to as air con units, these portable or fixed air conditioners dehumidify the air in the home to create a more comfortable environment. Fans are used to increase air movement in a room which can improve comfort but they are far less effective than AC Units. Fans may be fixed or oscillating to give an increased variation in air flow. Check specifications for air conditioner units to ensure they will be adequate for the size of room.


Heating and Cooling Ducting

Ducts and ducting usually plastic or aluminium section. Ducting is used to transport air from an extraction unit to the outside. Frequently used to duct odours from cooker hoods and to remove steam laden air from bathrooms and showers. Ducting available in square or round sections which are connected to form a duct of the required length to reach an outside wall or roof outlet

Electric Heating

Heating and Cooling Electric Heating

Home electric heaters and units including radiant panel heaters and small electric heat appliances. Electric heaters provide instant heat sources and are often fitted with timers and thermostatic controls. Oil filled convectors are a quick solution where no other heat source is available. Other models include heaters for kitchen plinths as well as wall hung heaters and bathroom radiant heaters

Extractor Fans

Heating and Cooling Extractor Fans

Extractors and bathroom extractor fans and complete extractor kits including ducting pipes. Extractor fans are used to remove stale air, odours and fumes. In homes they are commonly used to extract steam and moisture filled air from bathrooms and showers as well as to provide adequate mechanical ventilation to rooms without windows. The extraction of air via these units causes fresh air to be drawn into the room. Ensure that the unit meets the air flow requirements for the room.

Fires and Surrounds

Heating and Cooling Fires and Surrounds

Wide range of gas fires and electric fires plus fire surrounds and mantles. Adding a gas or an electric fire to a room can provide a local heat source as well as a feature for the room. Gas fires must be installed by qualified installers. Surrounds and mantels may be wood, marble, stone or granite. Complete fireplace kits will usually include fire, surround, back panel and hearth. Flueless wall hung fires are also available - check ventilation requirements carefully.

Underfloor Heating

Heating and Cooling Underfloor Heating

Underfloor heating systems and kits including under tile warmers and heating mats suitable for use under any porcelain, ceramic or natural stone tiles. Underfloor heating may be delivered either by electric heating cables or by circulated hot water. The radiant and conducted heat provide a very uniform heat output. The radiant heat output leads to increased comfort levels over traditional central heating radiators as the lower part of the room tends to be slightly warmer than the upper part. Another advantage is that it doesn't take up valuable wall space thereby interfering with positioning of furniture, kitchen units or bathroom fittings