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Security and Safety

Access Control

Security and Safety Access Control

A range of systems and equipment to provide security and control for doors and gates. These include digital locks with keypad entry, swipe card locks. The mechanisms usually have an electromagnetic lock which is released to provide access. They can be combined with video and audio systems for added security.

Burglar Alarms

Security and Safety Burglar Alarms

This section includes all the individual components for burglar alarm systems as well as complete kits. Full systems may be wired or wireless - the latter are ideal for DIY installation. A range of components includes contact breakers for doors and windows, alarm keypads, as well as PIR sensors to detect movement and trigger the alarm


Security and Safety CCTV

CCTV equipment can provide increased security for your home. The systems include cameras which may have infrared capability for night viewing. Additional components include recording devices allowing review as well as date stamped archives. Systems may be wired or wireless. Dummy cameras may be used as a simple deterrent.

Deadlocks and Sashlocks

Security and Safety Deadlocks and Sashlocks

Deadlocks and sashlocks come in a variety of security levels, The number of levers included in the lock mechanism determine how difficult they are to pick. Sashlocks and deadlocks are mounted in a morticed cut out in the leading edge of a door and are key operated. The strength of the door itself should also be taken into account when fitting locks.

Demarcation Barriers

Security and Safety Demarcation Barriers

Usually finished in red and white, these barriers are used to shield areas of potential danger. Commonly seen by roadworks and areas where excavation is taking place, the barriers help keep the area safe. Lightweight plastic makes them highly portable and easy to erect yet sturdy and robust. Systems are usually flat packed for ease of transport.

Door Security

Security and Safety Door Security

Range of additional security products for doors. Simple devices like door security chains can help guard against unwanted visitors. Chains connect from the door to the frame restricting access. Door viewers allow occupant to see who is outside without the need to open the door beforehand.

Fall Arrest

Security and Safety Fall Arrest

Typically these include items such as body harnesses. The harness is worn by the operative and is linked to a fixed point by means of clips attached to the harness and a lanyard. The lanyard usually incorporates a measure of shock absorption thereby minimising risk of injury in the event of a fall.

First Aid

Security and Safety First Aid

Suitable first aid items should always be readily available where DIY work is being carried out. Basic fist aid items should include plasters, bandages, sterile wipes and dressings as well as an eye bath. Complete first aid kits are readily available which contain all the basic essentials in one pack.

Garage and Shed Security

Security and Safety Garage and Shed Security

There are plenty of specialist products available to keep garages, sheds and other outbuildings secure. Items include bolts and locks for doors and windows as well as ground and wall anchors which provide fixed points for securing valuable machinery and cycles

Night Latches

Security and Safety Night Latches

Night latches are high security locks mounted on a front door. They are key operated from the outside but handle operated from inside. The night latch can be locked from inside so that the key operation from outside is prevented. Cylinders for these locks are readily replaceable and available.


Security and Safety Padlocks

There are plenty of padlocks to choose from and the decision will depend on the level of security required as well as the location. Simple padlocks can be cheap but those with hardened metals or additional security features will be more expensive. Key operated and combination padlocks are available as well as keyed alike sets.

Post Boxes

Security and Safety Post Boxes

Post boxes mounted on the outside of the house can be a good alternative to the traditional letterbox. The post boxes come in a range of styles to suit most properties and are weatherproof. The post box is accessed with a key ensuring that your mail is kept safe.

Push Button Locks

Security and Safety Push Button Locks

Both electric and mechanical versions of push button locks are available for both internal and external use. The number keypad is mounted on the door face and releases the lock on correct entry of the digital combination. These devices eliminate the need for keys to be provided to all users.

Rim Locks

Security and Safety Rim Locks

These older style locks comprise a complete lock unit which is mounted on the face of the door unlike the mortice or sashlock which is set within the door. Rim locks are quick and easy to install. The lock bolt secures to a lock plate on the frame. Rim locks offer limited security for doors.


Security and Safety Safes

Burglar proof safes can provide a suitable storage solution for valuables in the home. Safes may be simple key operated ones or may have more expensive combination lock functions. The safe itself will need to be secured in the building so that it cannot simply be picked up and stolen. Fixings are usually made from inside the safe.

Safety Signs

Security and Safety Safety Signs

A full range of safety signs can be purchased. From emergency exit signs and 'Beware of the Dog' signs all are readily available. In commercial premises certain equipment, such as fire extinguishers, must be clearly signed. There is an endless array of signs available - from CCTV warning to 'Mind Your Head' signs

Security Chains

Security and Safety Security Chains

Security chains and cables made from hardened steel may also be armoured with additional layers to make cutting extremely difficult. Useful for securing valuable bicycles and machinery to fixed points, these should be used in combination with high security padlocks. Security chains and cables may also have a weatherproof coating.

Security Hasps

Security and Safety Security Hasps

Hasp and staples are most commonly used on garden sheds and garages so that the door can be padlocked. The staple is mounted on the frame and the hasp fixed to the door so that when closed the fixing points are covered and cannot be easily undone. A suitable weatherproof padlock will be required

Smoke Alarms

Security and Safety Smoke Alarms

Smoke alarms are essential in any home and can provide a few valuable minutes in the event of a fire breaking out. Positioning and fitting should be carried out strictly in accordance with the manufacturer's instructions. Carbon monoxide detectors and fire alarms are also available helping to provide early warning of dangers and safeguard occupants.

Window Security

Security and Safety Window Security

Specialist security devices for windows include locks so that the window cannot be forced open from outside. Additional devices can secure a window in a part open position so that ventilation can be provided without compromising security. Devices for both casement and sliding sash windows are available.