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Workwear and Protection

Back Supports

Workwear and Protection Back Supports

Suitable back support to guard against injury can be worn for lifting and carrying tasks. These safety items must be correctly adjusted to provide proper protection and lumbar support. They are usually lightweight and washable.

Boilersuits Overalls and Aprons

Workwear and Protection Boilersuits Overalls and Aprons

A wide range of workwear, boiler suits and aprons is available so that clothing can be protected and kept clean while working. Made of durable fabric, these are ideal for a wide variety of maintenance and DIY tasks from painting to plumbing.

Chainsaw Protection

Workwear and Protection Chainsaw Protection

When working with chainsaws, it is essential to guard against injury. Specialist safety equipment includes chainsaw gloves and trousers to minimise accidents, and safety helmets with built in visors or separate safety goggles. Ear protection should also be used.

Ear Protection

Workwear and Protection Ear Protection

Ear protective equipment should be worn when working with equipment that produces high noise levels. Tasks such as breaking up concrete with a breaker, and using stone cutters and grinders can produce damaging noise levels. Protection can be in the form of ear plugs or defenders.

Eye Protection

Workwear and Protection Eye Protection

Risk of injury to the eyes must be given full consideration. There are many DIY jobs that could lead to possible eye injury including use of grinders, circular saws, sanders and routers. Suitable safety goggles should be worn wherever there is potential risk to the eyes.


Workwear and Protection Footwear

Suitable protective footwear should be worn when working on a property. Wearing safety boots with hardened toe caps can guard against injury. Some footwear also provides additional support and protection to the ankles.


Workwear and Protection Gloves

Work gloves should be used when handling materials which could cause damage to the hands. Whether working with heavy materials such as stone and concrete or digging out excavations, protective gloves are a must

Head Protection

Workwear and Protection Head Protection

On construction sites, all operatives are required to wear approved head gear to guard against injury. Whatever DIY job you are doing give consideration to potential dangers and wear the appropriate safety equipment.

Hi-Vis Clothing

Workwear and Protection Hi-Vis Clothing

High visibility clothing reduces the risk of accidents considerably. When working on a building site, for example, ensuring all operatives can be seen is vital. When working in areas where you may not easily be seen, hi-vis clothing is essential.


Workwear and Protection Kneepads

Kneepads provide a good deal of protection and cushioning to the knees. Whether you are laying block paving or laminate flooring, your knees can easily be injured so wear suitable protection to limit the chance of damaging them


Workwear and Protection Masks

Suitable respiratory protection must always be worn when working in areas where there is dust or potentially dangerous chemicals. Always read the label on products before use and wear the required safety gear. Masks are available to guard against many different hazards.