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Multi purpose Magic Saw

We all know that you supposedly "get what you pay for" but sometimes we don't know what the difference really is

After all, a saw is a saw - right ? .... Or maybe not...

supercut saw

Take a look at the SuperCut hand saws from Draper Tools for example. Most saws will do the same job - to a fashion, but some do it loads better than others. The SuperCut is made from high carbon steel which has been specially processed to make sure the blade stays straight and true. But, more than that it has an ultra-tough laquer which, apart from protecting the saw from corrosion, actually reduces friction when sawing. The net result is that there's less effort required to do the same job.

Add to this that the saw teeth are specially ground so that, unlike conventional handsaws, the blade cuts on the forward and the upward stroke. Twice as much cutting power to your elbow ! The cutting edge is super sharp and long lasting. It's the toughest of tools.

There are two teeth types - fast cut and fine cut. The fast cut is great for most applications and probably the ideal saw to keep in your toolbox for general work.

You can use this saw to cut hardwood, softwood, man mad boards, plasterboard and plastics. There's even a built in 90 and 45 degree angle marker and a comfortable grip handle meaning no more blisters.

All in all the SuperCut is fast, accurate, durable and comfortable. Take a look at their video and try one and you'll discover the difference it can make

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