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Roof domes and sun tunnels

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Roof Domes

roof dome casting daylight into roomRoof domes primarily for use on flat roofs, are the ideal solution when conventional windows or roof windows do not provide enough daylight.

There is a massive range of sizes and styles, including square, rectangular, circular and pyramid domes. Roof domes can also provide additional ventilation, access to flat roofs, or simply a real centrepiece that can help to revolutionise otherwise dreary rooms.

It is a fact that the nearer a window is to the horizontal the greater the light admittance into a room, so a roof dome is the ultimate solution to increasing daylight

Sun Tunnels

cross section of roof showing sun tunnelNew products available include the Velux Sun Tunnel. This product has been very popular since it was introduced.

The Velux Sun Tunnel gives natural daylight in areas of a property you may have thought impossible to reach!

The Velux Sun Tunnel works by taking daylight and channelling in down a reflective tunnel and out into a room in the form of a ceiling ring!

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