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Roof vents for extractors

Just Lead

Air extraction from Bathroom and Kitchens

lead roof vent With the increased use of bathroom / kitchen air extraction systems, it has been necessary for products to be developed and sold that allow the connections from ceiling fans via flexible duct to the outside of the building.

Sometimes, the roof is the most obvious place to vent through, and a roof vent is used.

When choosing the correct roof vent it is important to try to identify the type/make of tile or slate on the roof. Once this information is present, contacting the tile manufacturer for roof vent information regarding their product is the next step.

However roof vents that are universal are available for both slated and tiled roofs. Made from sheet lead, they can be fitted and weathered by simply cutting the slate or tile to the profile of the roof vent and fitting the flexible duct from the fan.

Sheet Lead Roof Vent Video

Peter Scholey of Just Lead shows you how to fit a sheet lead vent into a slated roof. Fitted to allow the connection of flexible ducts from bathroom & kitchen extraction fans.

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