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Saw - Multi Purpose

Multi purpose Magic Saw

Not everyone wants to spend masses on a complete toolkit so it's really helpful when you find a tool that can do the job of several others.

Magic Saw is one of those. It's described as an innovative 3Way blade Multi- purpose Saw. To fully appreciate the versatility of this saw, check out the video

The Magic Saw cuts through a very wide range of materials and can be used as a metal saw, ceramic tile saw and coping saw, cutting metal, nonferrous metal, wood, PVC, aluminum, rubber, glass, etc. It is strong enough for you to try metal cutting, stone cutting, concrete cutting or glass bottle cutting. Not bad for a single saw ! There's even a tungsten roller blade at the tip for cutting glass, mirror or tiles in curves or straight lines.


Details of the Magic Saw

The saws can be bought in a case which includes all the blades you will need. These are interchangeable and clip into place easily. There's even a magnetic case which is great for keeping the blades securely in place

The stainless steel frame can be removed and replaced with a Flat Blade allowing deeper cuts in materials like wood, decking and PVC.

One saw for a multitude of applications - and no need to carry all sorts of saws in your toolbox

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