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Self Storage – When , Why, and How Much

Self storage can often be a convenient and cost effective way to store belongings and there are many reasons a person may consider using a Self Storage facility.

The most common reasons for using storage are:

  • When moving house - you may find you need somewhere to temporarily store goods, particularly if dates don’t quite match up
  • Renovating your home - storing your belongings while the renovations are done
  • Traveling - A secure place to store belongings if you are travelling away from home for a long time
  • De-cluttering - A place to keep valuable items if you are downsizing or de-cluttering your home.
  • Nostalgia – Many people just can’t bring themselves to throw away un-used items for sentimental reasons, so they store them instead.
  • University – students often use storage to store belongings while at University

What can’t I store?

Although self storage is very practical and convenient there are a few things you can’t store!

  • People, animals or plants, you cannot live or sleep in a storage unit.
  • Toxic waste
  • Explosives and firearms
  • Radioactive waste
  • Food and decomposable items
  • Cash and securities
  • Illegal goods

Typical unit sizes & prices

storage unitPrices for storage units can vary hugely as there are many different sizes of storage available; here are the most common unit sizes and a typical price you would need to pay:

  • 10sq ft – £5 per week
  • 20sq ft - £10 per week
  • 50 sq ft - £20 per week
  • 100 sq ft - £30 per week
  • 200sq ft - £60 per week
  • 400sq ft (or larger if required) – bespoke pricing

There is normally a short notice period on self storage i.e. a week or two. But contracts can be for a week, month, a year or longer with discounts usually given for longer term contracts.

Helpful tips

Here are a few tips to help ensure you chose the right storage facility and get as much as possible for your money…

  • Padlock - Take your own padlock, companies can charge a lot for a padlock onsite, so using your own means you can reuse it and save money
  • Access - Do you need 24 hour access to your storage? If you don’t you could be paying more for a large company that offers 24 hour access – which you won’t use – check out smaller firms as they will be cheaper if this service isn’t offered!
  • Research - You’d be surprised how much you can fit into a small unit, ask around for opinions, storage companies are normally happy to help with space enquiries
  • Security – Do your research into the companies security before signing up – do they have a coded gate, passes, alarms on your locker and CCTV
  • Look Around - Take a good look at the units before signing up; see if they are clean, light and water & damp free.
  • Discounts - Storage companies will often give discounts for paying up front or signing up for a longer contract, think about taking advantage of this
  • Free collection - larger companies may offer free van hire/ collection of your belongings.
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