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Door hanging 3


Door hanging 2

Marking the screw holes and fixing

marking the hinge holesSit the hinge in the recess checking that it is perfectly flush with the surface at the outer edge and flush or fractionally low at the inner edge.

Mark the screw holes and remove the hinge. Drill a small diameter pilot hole for each, then replace the hinge and fix with the correct size screws for the job. These should sit flush with the hinge surface.

Repeat for the other hinges then hold the door in position and check the marks for the hinges on the frame. Move the door out of the way, and use a spare hinge to mark the recess required. Take care to ensure that the hinge is set at a slightly greater distance from the door stop than the distance from the face of the door to the other flange of the hinge. Otherwise, the door will bind as you try to close it. With the positions marked, cut out the recesses in exactly the same way as before.

Hanging the door

hang the doorWith the door in the open position, use the wedges to line upthe hinges with the recesses and fix with one screw in each hinge.

Check the operation of the door before finally fitting the remaining screws.

If the door binds against the frame, and your hinges are correctly recessed flush, you may need to trim a little more off the size of the door with a plane. Mark the amount and remove the door to do this. If the hinges have not been set correctly, you will need to adjust these. Watch the hinges carefully as you shut the door. If they seem to be pulled, you may have recessed them too deeply. In this case, they may be packed out to the correct level with a slither of card. If the hinge faces are touching before the door is fully closed, they have not been recessed flush and will need to be re-set correctly by paring out a little more with a chisel.

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