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Loft access and loft ladders

Loft Shop

roof window providing daylight for loft conversionAccessing your loft can literally open many new doors for you! Whether you are planning a full scale loft conversion, or simply want to put away those boxes that have been kicking around the hall for the past year

Gaining access to a new room in your house can seem almost magical. All that space that has gone unused for years can now be a new place to work, rest or play. As well as this, it can provide added value to your house, and even negate the necessity to move! The first step in gaining access to your loft is to install a loft ladder. This can be done quite simply, and very inexpensively. You will no longer feel the need to go into the shed and get that rickety old ladder out, lug it up the stairs, only to risk breaking your neck! Loft ladders start at around £87, and you can even have one supplied and fitted in your home for just £99.99!,

Daylight for the Loft

Once you have your loft ladder, you need some light. Without light, how would you know what you were going to use your loft for? The most simple, quick, and cheap solution to this is to install a roof window. The Loft Shop supplies roof windows for as little as £89! You will be amazed how much light this will introduce into your attic space, and this is where the magic begins. All of a sudden, the Loft is not a cold, dark unused space, but somewhere for the kids to play, a place to finish that report, or even get a good nights sleep.

You could have access to your loft with a loft ladder, and introduce light with a roof window for less than £180!

Loft Ladders

loft ladder extending from open hatchWhether you plan to use your loft every day or just once in a while, its essential that you have a means of access to the loft that’s both safe and convenient. The Loft Shop sells a range of loft ladders to fit your loft, and your budget! There are many solutions available - folding ladders, sliding ladders, concertina ladders, or telescopic loft ladders

Made to measure loft ladders for lofts, flat roof exits, suspended ceilings, mezzanines and side openings are also available. If you need access to your loft, but do not have space for a permanently fixed stair- a loft ladder can provide the solution.

Ladders are available in wood or metal, and depending on what you will be using your loft for, you can make the decision as to the most appropriate one for you. There are options ranging from low cost sliding loft ladders right up to luxury bespoke loft ladders that may more appropriately be classed as staircases.

Concertina Loft Ladders

When space for access through the loft hatch is limited and a safe, sturdy and deep treaded loft ladder is required, a concertina type operation can be the best solution. In addition the compactness and stability of a concertina makes it ideal when high ceilings are involved.

Unusual access problems can often be solved with a concertina – for example into vertical openings, through deep suspended floors and where access onto a roof is required. And if you need power assisted use, the electrically driven version will do the job.

The Loft Shop provide all the products you would normally associate with a loft conversion including roof windows, roof lights, loft ladders, staircases and many more. They also provides exceptional know how, and information about converting lofts, and the rules and regulations behind doing it.

Courtesy of: Loft Shop

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