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Loft conversions and loft conversion specialists

Guide to loft conversions and choosing loft conversion specialists.

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This article centres on loft conversions and the process of finding a reputable loft conversion specialist.

Many of you looking at this site right now may be in the process of gathering information about having a loft conversion, looking for inspiration for your loft conversion, or perhaps looking for a loft conversion specialist that you might be able to trust to make your dream of extra space in the loft a reality

examples of loft conversions

According to The Scotsman website, 'Although a loft conversion will cost more than a new kitchen or bathroom, it will add more value to your property and is the most profitable way to make money on your home. Its important to get it right. A typical loft conversion costing between £20,000 - £30,000 could add more than £50,000 to the value of your property depending on your location and the extra space it creates'. For more articles on loft conversions and the benefits, take a look at The Loft Shop's news section.

Below is a simple guide to the initial steps you might wish to make when considering a loft conversion.

Do the Research on your Proposed Loft Conversion

When undertaking any large household project it is important to get the facts before you start. There are many things to consider including the area you live in, whether it is likely to be a good return on investment (all reports point favourably to it being the best return on investment out of all household projects), what the cost is likely to be, whether you will need planning permission etc.

This sounds like a lot of hard work, luckily over the last 20 years The Loft Shop have worked hard on producing documentation that makes it a lot easier to understand.

There are two excellent documents that will help anyone in planning or carrying out a loft conversion. These are:

The Loft Shop Guide to Loft Conversions and the Building Regulations

This is a simple guide that considers the extension of a typical 2 storey dwelling into 3 storeys, by the addition of a ‘loft conversion’ within the existing roof space. The booklets primary purpose is to highlight the basic construction considerations as they relate to the Building Regulations.

Lofts Explained, a Guide to Using your Loft

This is a comprehensive, and easy to follow guide which provides information that you will require in planning, costing, designing, and building a loft conversion in your home. It also includes a glossary of building terms at the back helping to make understanding easy from your point of view

Get an idea of what the loft conversion will cost

At this point you may have absolutely no idea what the cost of having a loft conversion will be. It is very difficult to give an average cost because every loft is different, and more and more nowadays the types and amount of work you might wish a loft converter to undertake will also vary. Typically they tend to be in the region of 20 – 30K, however there is no substitute for getting a real quote.

It is suggested that you get as many as 3 different companies to quote for the work. This way, you can weigh up what each of the companies is offering and whether their price is reasonable, it will also help you with understanding the work that goes into one.

You might be thinking ‘Where to begin!?’ Don’t worry - The Loft Shop is again on hand to help. Over the last year a section on their website entitled 'Find a Builder' has been growing. This is a section where you are able to find loft conversion specialists, builders, carpenters and many more. Simply visit this page and you will find a drop down list of counties and areas within the UK where loft converters are listed. You are able to look on their one page websites and even send them an enquiry

Our advice would be to select 3 or even 4 loft converters in your area of the country, send them an enquiry and ask them to come to your house and quote. You will find that 99% of the Loft Converters listed on Loft Shop's website will quote for FREE

Select a Loft Convertor

Once you have been given an idea of price, and are a bit more aware of the intricacies involved in converting a loft, you are ready to select your loft converter. You may have been given recommendations by neighbours and relatives, but what they delivered to them may not be appropriate for what you want. The decision should be down to you, because this is the company that is going to change the face of your living area forever!

It may not always be best to select the cheap loft conversion or the least expensive loft converter. Remember that the loft converters will be in your house for at least 6 weeks. You are best to select a company who will provide the least amount of interruption has a good level of service and can be competitive on price.

Select your loft products

Remember that all the loft converters listed on their site use Loft Shop products, so if you have been looking through the site and have seen a specific product that you like, it is the Loft Shop Partners at ‘Find a Builder’ who are experts in installing the products

Courtesy of: Loft Shop

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