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Television - wiring an aerial plug

Wiring a television aerial plug onto coaxial cable is quite straightforward so long as you follow the right steps. One of the most common mistakes is allowing the shielding wire mesh to come into contact with the inner core and interfering with the signal.

Preparing the coaxial cable

First trim back the outer sheath of the coaxial cable in much the same way as you would for other types of cable. This may be done by slitting the sheath with a sharp knife, folding it back, and trimming it off. Another neat way of doing the same job is to make a shallow cut right around the sheath 25mm from the end and pull the end piece of sheathing off. Next, push or wind the outer coaxial wire mesh back from the inner insulation core of the cable leaving around 20mm of this exposed. Now cut into the inner core insulation in the same way to leave 15mm or so of the central coductor exposed.

Fixing the coaxial plug

Take the new coaxial plug and dismantle it. Feed the end lock cap onto the cable with the threaded end facing towards the end you're connecting the plug to. Slide this down the cable a little so that it's out of the way.

Next slide the cable clamp onto the end of the cable. This should slide down as far as the wire mesh section holding it back from the exposed end. You may need to open it slightly so that it slides more easily over the sheath. Once in place and butted up to the mesh squeeze it gently with pliers to hold it firmly in place.

Double check that no stray strands of the mesh are hanging loose. If they are, trim them with a knife. Now feed the pin section onto the conductor and down against the previous components. The conductor itself sits inside the metal pin forming the connection. A useful tip if this seems at all loose is to bend the conductor a little before assembly so that it is in good contact with the pin.

Finally slide the main body of the plug down against the cable clamp part and bring the end lock cap fitted at the beginning back to meet it and screw down tightly.

Electics Safety warning

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