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Extending Electrical Flex

In some instances, you may need to extend the flex on an appliance. It is best to remove the old flex and replace with a new one of the appropriate length. However this is not always suitable as it will require opening the appliance to connect the new flex. In this instance, you may use a special flex connector designed for the job.

Never use a flex connector where it may be possible for it to come into contact with water. They are not suitable in kitchens for example. Always select additional flex which matches the type, size and rating of the existing. Never connect a three core flex to a two core.

1. Switch off the power at the socket and remove the plug of the appliance.

Preparing the connector

Inside the flex connector

2. Open the connector by releasing the retaining screw. Inside you will see three terminals each with two connection points. You should also see a clamp at either end for securing the flexes.

Disconnecting the flex

Disconnecting the plug from the flex

3. Remove the plug from the original flex by unscrewing the plug cover, releasing the flex clamp and disconnecting the conductors from their terminals. Put the plug to one side.

Preparing the flex

Trimming the flex conductors to suit connector

4. Hold the flex next to the clamp at one end of the new connector and assess whether the wires need to be trimmed to suit this new fitting. If necessary, trim back and strip and prepare the ends of the conductors.

Connecting the flex

Connecting the live wire

5. Connect the brown (live) to one of the outer terminals.

Connecting the neutral wire

6. Connect the blue (neutral) to the other outer terminal.

Connecting the earth wire

7. Unless the appliance is double insulated, your flex will also have a green and yellow earth conductor. Connect this to the middle terminal.

Stripping and preparing the flex

8. Now, strip and prepare one end of the new length of flex. Strip back the outer sheath, then hold the sheathed part next to the clamp and mark and trim the conductors to length.

Connecting the live conductor

9. Connect the brown conductor to the terminal containing the other brown conductor.

Connecting the neutral conductor

10. Connect the blue conductor to the terminal containing the other blue conductor.

Connecting the earth conductor

11. Connect the green and yellow earth conductor to the terminal containing the other earth conductor.

Securing the flex with the clamp

12. Secure each flex in its clamp to prevent strain on the connections.

Securing the connector cover

13. Double check all your connections and replace the cover with its retaining screw.

Fitting the plug to the flex

14. Prepare the other end of the new length of flex and fit the plug.

Electics Safety warning

box alertThis material is for information purposes only. Strict rules govern what electrical work can be done without notification and inspection.
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