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Is Doing Your Own Kitchen Really Worth The Risk?

To put it quite frankly, we all love a spot of DIY every now and again, but is the job you’re about to embark on really work the risk?

Although you may feel for example, that you’re totally qualified and experienced in the work to do it yourself, to set up your new kitchen, the truth is that if you’re wrong, the consequences could cost you thousands of pounds.

In fact, there around 600 household accidents every single day thanks to DIY, costing homeowners sometimes hundreds of pounds to get a professional to finish the job.

In fact, according to Allianz Insurance, the annual cost of botch DIY jobs totals around £4.4billion in Britain alone.

With this in mind however, men aren’t the only guilty party to found themselves rather overzealous when it comes to DIY as it was found that women too are responsible for much of the damage although on average, their mishaps cost £30 less than that of men.

But what are the top five DIY disasters in the United Kingdom?

  1. Spilling of liquids (35%)
  2. Wall damage (28%)
  3. Window damage (25%)
  4. Furniture damage (23%)
  5. Ceiling damage (22%)

Interestingly and perhaps ironically, it was found that two thirds of people actually carry out home improvements to save money, despite the fact that one in ten people in the UK currently live without any home insurance policy whatsoever; a dangerous risk when handling an electric drill.

So when should you fit your own kitchen?

If you’re looking to save money and are absolutely confident of your fitting abilities and have experience in this area, then this should be the only time when you should seriously consider installing your very own kitchen.

If of course, you happen to be in the unfortunate position where you can’t afford people to install your kitchen, you can of course take the risk of doing it bit by bit, quality providers can supply you with kitchen parts such as handles and fittings, ensuring that you get off to the best start.

But what else can you do inexpensively?

To put it simply, lighting plays a huge role in any room and by altering it just a tad, you can create a totally different and fresh look for your kitchen.

For example, if you find that your kitchen is particularly dark, consider taking out the blinds or changing the curtains to make full use of the natural light that is afforded to you.

On the other hand however, you can of course buy some under cabinet lighting fixtures for your kitchen. Although they may sound expensive, you can purchase them from credible retailers for as little as £30 and offer a totally different style and elegance to your kitchen for minimal cost. Be aware though, that Part P of the Building Regulations limit what electrical work may be carried out by anyone other than a professional electrician who is a competent person registered with an electrical self-certification scheme. For more information see the Electrical Regulations Article.

Author: EuroFit