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Kitchen Plumbing

Plumbing for the New Layout

plumbing fitting for kitchen wasteOnce you have ripped out your kitchen take a good look at the pipework left in the kitchen. You are very likely to need to reroute it to accommodate your new design and parts of the system may need to be completely replaced. Check carefully for any obvious weak spots or leaks and replace these connections. It is easier to do the majority of plumbing work before the kitchen units are installed.

Before you start take a look at our article on plumbing regulations and earthing requirements. If in any doubt get a professional to take a look. We also have a number of articles on installing new plumbing systems: Plumbing How-to Guides

First turn off your water and let the system completely empty. You will still need to keep a bucket handy to catch the odd drip still left in the pipework and trap.

Think carefully about the route of your plumbing. Leave plenty of space for your dishwasher connection and the hot and cold feeds for the washing machine. Keep the route as simple as possible with as few connections as you can.

Plumbing Materials and Systems

Plastic pipe kits which simply push together are the best to use for DIYers, unless you are proficient with a blowtorch and solder. The solvent weld connections are also useful where new connections are made. They use an adhesive to ensure no leaks.

Pipes and Pipework

All kitchens will need a hot and cold water supply and and waste pipe for taking the dirty water away. The pipework should be 40mm in diameter and fitted so that they slope away from the appliance. Your dishwasher and washing machine will tap into the U-bend pipe. Dishwashers usually only need to be connected to the cold water feed and washing machines use hot and cold water.

Try to ensure that pipework is situated inside cupboards rather than at the rear of appliances. This will help to ensure your appliances sit flush and don't protrude.