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Painting windows 3

Painting windows 2

Sequence for painting a sliding sash window

These are a little more awkward to paint, but following this sequence will enable you to get a good result.

Paint all the internal glazing bars of the outer sash.

Move the inner sash to the top and the outer sash to the bottom.

Outer Sash

Paint the bottom rail and a couple of inches up the side rails.

Move the outer sash back up to its almost closed position and move the inner sash back down.

Complete the side rails.

Paint the top rail.

Inner Sash

sash window componentsRaise this sash about 4 inches from the closed position.

Paint the internal glazing bars.

Follow this with the top rail.

Paint about a foot at a time alternatively down the side rails.

Complete the bottom rail

With the inner sash still slightly raised, paint the bottom runner and, about 6 inches up the side runners.


Next, paint the frame.

If you have a frame with intermediate uprights, paint these first.

The rest of the frame can then be painted as a continuous length.

Finally, paint the sill board starting with its underside and finishing with the top surface.

Leave the window to dry before closing the inner sash and painting the top and side runners. (You may notice professionals completing this part without leving it to dry first, but this requires practice if damage is to be avoided)

Do not paint the cords or rollers.

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