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Painting with a Brush

Preparing the paint and loading the brush

Transferring paint to a paint kettle

1. If necessary, stir the paint (read the label on the tin), then transfer some to a paint kettle.

Loading paint onto brush

2. Load the brush by dipping the tips into the paint. Overloading the brush leads to dry paint forming in the upper part of the bristles and hardening. Over time this will ruin the brush.

Dabbing excess paint from brush

3. Unless using non drip paint, dab off the excess to prevent drips by pushing the bristles against the inside of the kettle - not the rim.

Applying the paint

Applying paint with vertical strokes

4. Apply the paint to the surface using up and down strokes.

Spreading the paint with horizontal strokes

5. Spread the paint by brushing at right angles. This will create an even film. Then lay off (finish with light strokes) in the direction of the grain or the longest side of the part you are painting.

Blend each new section with the previous one by working back towards it when laying-off. Always work new into old to avoid marking the drying paint.

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