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Painting woodwork and trim

Other items to be painted may include skirtings, dado rails, fireplaces or staircases.

With all items, try to break down the painting operation into logical steps

Either, as with skirtings and the like, start off at a corner and work your way along, laying each new section back off into the previous one.

Or, as with staircases, paint the component parts separately so that joins in your painting coincide with joins in the construction of the item.

For example with a staircase, the sequence would be as follows:Spindles from top to bottom starting at the top of the stairs working downHandrail top to bottomStrings – the skirting board like part of the stair - top to bottomTreads and risers either side of the carpet - top to bottom.

If you are painting the stair treads completely (i.e. no carpet) then paint all of the risers but only paint alternate treads one day and the others the next. This enables the stairs to be used in the meantime.

Generally speaking, most items to be painted have mouldings or edges, which can be used as break points between bays of painting.

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