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Washing down old paint

Washing with sugar soap

equipment for washing downAlthough modern paints cope surprisingly well over a small amount of dirt, it is far better to wash down with sugar soap first.

All paintwork should be washed with sugar soap before repainting.

The sugar soap may be in powder or concentrated liquid form. This should be dissolved in water first.

Applying sugar soap

washing down with sugar soapPaint on with an old brush or apply with a sponge. Work it into the dirt using a rubbing or scrubbing action.

Allow it to act for a few minutes, before rinsing thoroughly to avoid softening of the new paint.

The sugar soap actually does two jobs. It cleans away grease, dirt and nicotine stains, whilst also etching the paint surface to provide a mechanical key.

Use warm water to dissolve the sugar soap quickly. It’s also more comfortable to work with.
Sugar soap can be an irritant. Wear rubber gloves and avoid contact with the eyes.

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