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Shower - power showers 1

Types of power shower

There are two types of power shower to look at. Firtsly and probably the easiest is the all-in-one type. Secondly there is the separate type which may have a single or double pump.

Power showers are pump assisted to provide uniform pressure and adequate flow. They are only suitable where the cold comes from a storage cistern and the hot from a hot water cylinder.

Hot and cold water supply

The cold water is fed from the cold water storage cistern and isolated by means of a gate valve near the cistern.

The hot water should be supplied via a special connection at the top of the cylinder, known as a Surrey flange. The feed from here is also isolated by means of a gate valve.

It is important to ensure that the cylinder has its own direct feed from the cold water storage cistern, and that both the cylinder and cistern have sufficient capacity as recommended by the pump manufacturer.

Installing the shower pump

When mounting any type of pump, vibration and noise can be minimised by placing them on rubber blocks.

A neat way of doing this is to use rubber tap washers between the pump and the mounting surface at each of the fixing points. Alternatively, they are sometimes mounted on a cork base to absorb the vibration.

Try to fit the separate pump type at floor level near the hot water cylinder to ensure they do not run dry.

Shower - power showers 2

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