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Toilet - plumbing in new 2

Toilet - plumbing in new 1

Now fix the pan to the floor. Again, use brass screws with rubber washers to prevent cracking the base of the pan.

Connecting the cold water supply

wc componentsRun the new cold water feed to the cistern and connect it to the ball valve as shown in the instructions. When running this feed, take the opportunity to fit a miniature stop valve in it so that the WC can easily be isolated at a later stage for maintenance.

You’ll be pleased you did this if you get a leak when you switch the water back on.

Connecting the WC overflow

Next, connect up the overflow pipe to the cistern. If you do not have an existing one, then a new one will need to be run. This should be 21 mm diameter and run from the cistern, out through an external wall. It should be sited so that an overflow of water will be readily noticed but not cause any damage. Remember that this outlet relies on gravity so it should travel downhill slightly.

Switch the water supply back on and check for leaks. The ball valve will need to be adjusted so that the cistern fills to about 20mm below the overflow outlet before stopping.

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