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Connecting copper pipes - solder joints 2

Connecting copper pipes - solder fittings 1

Integral solder joints

heating the jointThese are worked in a very similar fashion except that the solder is already in place and as soon as sufficient heat has been applied, it will be drawn from its groove into the narrow gap between fitting and pipe.

As before, remember to apply heat gently and evenly. As soon as a ring of solder appears, remove the heat source. Continued application of heat can cause the solder to drain out of the joint altogether.

Allow to cool.

Leaking soldered joints

applying solder to jointIf you are unlucky enough to find that a solder joint leaks when you switch the water back on, all is not lost. The chances are pretty low unless there was a residue of water in the pipe which will have stopped the solder adhering.

Switch off the water and drain the section of pipe. Apply a little heat to the join to make quite sure it is dry again. Heat up the joint again and apply a little solder from the end of the reel to the mouth of the leaking part. This will work with both types of soldered connection.

If you a really unlucky and the joint still leaks, You will need to drain down again and remove the joint. Heat it up and dismantle the join whilst wearing some form of heatproof gloves. You now have two options. Clean the pipe thoroughly and use a new fitting or, if your feeling totally disheartened, take the easy route and fit a compression joint here instead!

Note that all pipework should be adequately supported with pipe clips.

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