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Copper pipes and fittings 1

Plumbing with copper pipe

For hot and cold water supplies and heating, copper is now the most common form of pipework in houses. Adapters are readily available to make connection to other materials possible. Adapters are also available to overcome the size difference between imperial and metric gauges.

With the ready availability of copper pipe and fittings from DIY stores, many plumbing jobs are now well within the scope of the Do-It-Yourselfer. Whether you want to add an outside tap, change the position of the sink or repair a damaged pipe, there are only a few simple techniques to master. It will then be possible to carry out a wide variety of plumbing work.

There are two main types of connection for use with copper pipe.

Compression fitting

compression straight fitting compression t fitting

These are the more expensive to use, but are also the easiest. They can make DIY plumbing less daunting since they have no soldering involved. Because of this, it is possible to fit them to pipes which are wet. Despite draining off a section of pipe to work on, it’s not uncommon to get a dribble of water at the joint being worked. This will not cause a problem with compression fittings, but can prevent a soldered joint from working. They are however, considerably bulkier and more obtrusive than soldered joints.

Copper pipes and fittings 2

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