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Trimming wallpaper around objects 1

Trimming paper around switches and sockets

Be sure to switch off the power supply to these before papering around them, and leave it off until the adhesive has dried out.

Slacken the retaining screws for each unit as you get to it.

Hang the paper in the normal way, allowing it to go over the switch but be careful not to damage it.

trim around light switchBy pressing the paper lightly over the switch, you will be able to identify the four corners.

Mark these and cut through the paper from the centre of the switch out towards these marks. Gently ease the paper back to the wall around the switch.

You will now have four triangles of paper pointing out towards you. Trim these but allow a little to tuck in behind the switch cover.

Pull the switch plate away from the wall and gently brush these pieces behind it.

Reposition the switch and gently tighten the screws. Final tightening of these can be done once the paper has dried.

Trimming paper around round or shaped items

trim around pendantHang the paper over the item lightly.

Mark the centre and cut from the nearest edge of the paper to this point.

Make radial cuts out from the mark.

Push the paper back into place.

Mark the flaps where they meet the edge of the item and trim before brushing the paper back.

Trimming paper around door & window frames

trim around frameHang the paper down over the frame lightly and mark the position of its corners.

Cut from the waste area of the paper in towards these marks.

Now gently smooth the paper down against the wall and into the edges of the frame.

Mark and trim in the normal way.

Trimming wallpaper around objects 2