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Cutting and pasting wallpaper 1

Mixing the paste or adhesive

Mix your paste in a bucket according to the manufacturer's instructions. Follow these instructions carefully, as they will vary according to the type of paper you are hanging.

Alternatively use a ready-mixed paste suited to the paper you are hanging.

You will need a large pasting brush to apply this with.

Tie a piece of string across the handles of the bucket to provide a resting place for your pasting brush, rather than leaving it in the bucket. Or, buy one of the brushes with a hook on the handle for clipping it to the rim of a bucket.

Cutting the paper

marking the lengthMeasure the length of the first ‘drop’ of paper. Add three or four inches to this to allow for trimming both ends. Unroll the paper on the paste table and cut the first piece to length. Some people find it easier to measure the paper by unrolling it down the wall and marking the required length.For large patterns you may wish to take into account how it will look at the top when trimmed. It may look best to fit a whole ‘repeat’ of the pattern just below the top, rather than have the design cut off mid stream.

Wallpaper pattern matching

matching the patternWith this first piece face up on the table, unroll a second piece next to it, carefully aligning the pattern before cutting it to length.

Some people prefer to cut several lengths before they start work, but you need to be quite sure not to make any mistakes when doing this. If you are a beginner, just cut the first piece and leave cutting the next until you have finished hanging the first. You can then hold the roll next to the first ‘drop’ on the wall when matching and cutting the second length.

Wallpaper pattern repeat

Depending upon the pattern you have on your paper, it may reduce wastage to cut lengths from alternate rolls.

Cutting and pasting wallpaper 2