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B&Q Ad Complaint Upheld

The Advertising Standards Authority has, this week, announced that a complaint regarding an advertisement from B&Q has been upheld. The ASA has insisted that the ad be removed and not run again in its present format.

The complaint related to an ad which appeared during March of this year. It was for a promotion on kitchens and offered discounts and free products. The complaint suggested that the ad was misleading as there was no closing date for the promotion. This complaint was upheld.

B&Q have said that they used the CAP Code which allowed them to avoid putting in a closing date on some promotions and that they felt this did not disadvantage the consumer. In addition, the promotion ran for five weeks which is a significant period of time and that the ad suggested customers visit the website for more information.

The ASA pointed out in response, that B&Q did not know how long they intended the promotion to run and that this could have affected the consumers decision on whether to buy or not. This led to a disadvantage for the consumer.

B&Q have been warned that future campaigns must have a closing date and text must be included to encourage customer to find out more about the closing date.

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