Floor Coverings Guide

laying wooden floorWhen you are choosing which floor covering to use in your home you need to take into account any number of positives and negatives. Just choosing your flooring based on the colour or the material is not really enough. Look at our quick guide for the basic pros and cons of your favourite flooring options.

Carpet pros

  • Keeps the heat in and is warm and cosy
  • Soft underfoot and easy on the eye
  • Simple to replace

Carpet cons

  • Easily stained
  • Requires regular cleaning as well as vacuuming
  • Certain styles could go out of fashion very quickly and require replacement
  • Can hold on to smells
  • Not suitable for bathrooms or kitchens

Vinyl pros

  • Super easy to lay provided the floor has been levelled
  • A huge range of colours to choose from and different levels of thickness depending on the use
  • Can even look like wood or tiles
  • Very reasonably priced
  • Easy to clean and lasts a long time

Vinyl cons

  • Only suitable for kitchens or bathrooms. Doesn't work well in other rooms as it can be a little clinical
  • Floor needs to very level or it will wear unevenly
  • Can be stained or suffer from scratches

Tiles pros

  • Look beautiful in the right setting
  • You can buy different sizes, colours and materials to achieve exactly the look you want
  • Can be used throughout the house to create a cohesive look
  • Can warm up the look of a room and add more depth and charm
  • Will last a life time as long as they are correctly laid

Tiles cons

  • Can feel cold underfoot
  • Can be hard and unforgiving for falls and trips. Items dropped are more likely to break
  • Can be difficult to lay depending on the sub-floor. Getting a perfectly flat surface is important or the result could be cracked tiles
  • Some tiles need to be sealed to prevent them from staining
  • Grout can sometimes discolour

Wood pros

  • Looks lovely in any home and in any room
  • Can be sanded back to reveal a new finish if it becomes scratched or stained
  • Can buy wood laminates which are cheaper and look just as good
  • Will last a long time if they are carefully looked after

Wood cons

  • Being a natural product wood will expand and contract so gaps need to be left around the edges
  • Sanding wood can be a messy and difficult job
  • Will need to be coated with a protective sealant or oil to bring out the colour. This can be messy and needs to be repeated occasionally
  • Can be subject to warping and cracking in very warm or damp conditions.

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