Kitchen Makeover

new kitchen tiles taps and cupboardsHave you ever walked into your kitchen and thought how you would love to have a new, fresh and clean looking kitchen without the hassle and expense of having to completely gut it. Well it is possible to change your kitchen by simply adding new cupboard doors, handles, worktops and perhaps tiles.

Let's face it. The hardest part of a kitchen make-over is the electrical and plumbing work. It requires all of the kitchen to be removed and holes to be made in the walls. Not to mention digging up the floors and getting in experts. All of this costs lots of money, takes several weeks and destroys the joy you could get from the finished product

Changing the cabinets

Most kitchen cupboard carcasses are actually in pretty good shape. It is simply the fronts which require updating in many cases. As long as you are happy with the positioning of the cabinets then you can easily update your kitchen for a minimal spend.

Before heading to the local DIY store, measure your carcasses so you can make sure you are buying the right size frontage. You may have to accept a certain amount of overlap and take into consideration that some adjustments may have to be made.

Take a look at the hinge system and where the holes in the carcasses are at the moment. It is ideal if you can avoid having to make new holes. However, old holes can simply be filled and painted over. It may even be possibly to reuse the hinges, saving even more money.

Changing tiles

If you prefer not to lay new tiles, then painting over old tiles can be very effective. In addition, it is possible to change the look of tiles by adding transfers. These come in every colour imaginable, plus metallics and interesting designs.

If you choose to replace the tiles, take time to remove the old tiles very carefully. Any holes made in the plaster board will have to be fixed and could make a relatively easy job into a very long one. Use a hammer and bolster to tap the edge of the tiles and see if they come away easily. If not then consider if it is really a good idea. If the walls are ruined then you have a really big job on your hands.

Changing worktops

The sink and cooker hob will need to be removed before you can take out the worktop. In most cases these are simply slotted into the work top with adhesive around the edge. The hob will have to be disconnected depending on the length of the pipes.

A worktop is usually bolted in place and adhesive is used around the edges. You will need to locate the bolts under the worktop and remove the adhesive with a sharp knife.

You can make a template for the worktop from the old one, but remember to measure twice and cut once! Hire a worktop jig, if you want a truly professional finish.

You could compete these jobs over a long weekend and essentially have a new kitchen which will impress your friends. They will think you have really splashed out and only you will know the truth.

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