Readers Project - Mobile Workbench

Diyfixit reader and inventor Mike has been busy building his own mobile work bench

The problem he had was that there wasn't really enough room in his garage for a decent sized workbench. He needed a vice and pillar drill mounted on it and, somewhere to store his tools. He came up with a solution ... making his own from various materials he had lying around

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This is his story:

It has turned out to be a most interesting exercise to make the best possible use of a very limited space.

The working top is 1m by 0.5m. The height 0.7m It is mounted on 4 lockable castors. It has a 12 volt supply to restart a car, with a flat battery, and to run the flood light system. There is plenty of out of the way space for a small pillar drill, paper roll dispenser, ratchet spanners, small socket set, screwdriver set, a variety of saws, tape measures, claw hammer, box of assorted screws and nails and a small 12 volt air compressor for blowing up tyres. A specific place for the most used item- a battery drill. A general area under the lift up bench top for the storage of all manner of hand tools. Underneath this is another layer for a tray for paper work and another tray for delicate measuring equipment – calipers, micrometer etc and a small wireless! Finally in the bottom is space for bigger hand drills, angle grinder, angle sander, clamps, the flood light and cheap and cheerful components to make a wood turning lathe of sorts.

In use the design makes it imperative to keep the top clear of ‘junk’ to get to the tools underneath and jobs have to be preplanned up to a point - which is just as well in most cases.

It is a fun item and works very well – it is also a seat for when having a chat!

workbench 1 workbench 2

workbench 3 workbench 4

workbench 5

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