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Product of the Month - B&Q Garden Room

Henley Stanza Garden Office & StudioIf you work from home or have a hobby or interest which is taking over the house you may have thought about putting a small garden room in your garden. If you have looked into this you will see that it is an expensive business to have one built. However, B&Q have realised that there is much potential when it comes to garden rooms and they have a number of DIY options available.

Planning rules regarding building structures in your garden have now been relaxed and for most homes which have not had any development, it is possible to install a garden room without having to get planning permission. The only thing to bear in mind is that it cannot be used for a bedroom or it cannot have a water supply to it. If you wish to do this you will need to apply for planning permission in most cases.

Of all the styles which are available at B&Q, the best one and our product of the month is the Henley Stanza Garden Office and Studio. With a height of 2.5 metres and an internal size of 3.1 metres by 2.1 metres, this office is large enough for most purposes and small enough to meet planning restrictions and to not overwhelm a smaller garden.

The design is very modern with a Scandinavian redwood cladding highlighted by glazed units which are full length to the front. This lets in plenty of light. The roof is said to be maintenance free and the instructions state that the office is an easy build.

This office is also eco-friendly. The wood is sustainably sourced and the doubled glazing means that heating the building is cheaper and requires less energy. The walls are double skinned with insulation in the floors , walls and ceiling.

If you have concerns about security then this office ticks all the boxes. It has a 5 lever mortise lock on the door and the windows are built with security in mind.

Finally if you prefer not to build the office yourself, B&Q will offer a building service. All you have to do is provide the base for it to sit on.

For the price of just under £11,000 this building may seem expensive, but compared to building an extension, this is a very good option for adding more space to any home.

Henley Stanza Garden Office & Studio from B&Q