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Product of the Month - Pig Ark

DIY Fit It product of the month is a garden pig arkEven those of us who live in the city have always had a dream of owning animals such as pigs. Whether it is for the purpose of bacon and pork chops or simply as pets, the rearing of these intelligent animals is made easier by the use of a purpose made structure such as the Pig Ark from B&Q.

It is important that you have a good sized garden for your pigs to run around in, but for the nights when your pigs need to be tucked up warm, this timber built structure is perfect.

With a height of 1.48 metres and measuring 1.32m x 2.44m this ark is perfect for a sow and up to ten baby piglets. The timber building is double lined with an inner skin of plywood and an attractive outer skin of tongue and groove honey coloured fully sustainable timber.

The ark is supplied as a flat pack, ready for easy assembly and can be easily accessed by the owner for cleaning. The arc can be ordered in store for home delivery for just £359. Delivery on this item is free.

While the pigs may not mind where they sleep as long as it is dry and warm, you will certainly appreciate the distinctive looks of this triangular shaped building.

Of course, before you consider getting some pigs it is essential that you look into rearing and caring for the animals before you buy. There are laws which govern how they must be cared for and you may be subject to planning restrictions in certain areas. Make sure you comply with all these.

Keeping pigs, even just as pets is rewarding and fun and is made even easier with this pig ark.

The Pig Ark is avalible from B&Q here.