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Product of the Month - The Wickes Soft Close Loo Seat

wickes soft close loo seatIf you are the unlucky female in a house of unthinking men you may well find this product to be the most useful thing you ever invested in.

The battle over who will put down the toilet seat has been raging for as long as toilet seats have been around. Men insist that they have to put it up, so why must they put it down, while women insist that they should not have to touch the loo seat at all!

Well, Wickes have a product available to put an end to all that. It may not be the newest idea, but at under £40 it is certainly a cheap and easy way to put an end to the arguments.

Men are well known for loving gadgets and this loo seat is perfect for anyone who like things which work by themselves.

Wickes took the idea of soft close drawers and doors and applied the technology to their loo seat. A special mechanism in the hinge allows the seat to gently and slowly drop down. The lid simply needs the slightest nudge and it will drop silently into place. No more banging and crashing lids in the middle of the night.

It is thought that men will be so impressed with the technology they will be happy to do the right thing and lower the lid before they wash their hands.

Wickes also point out that the lid is great for potty training as well. It will prevent children from getting their fingers caught and will make going to the toilet a fun and exciting event.

The loo seat is made in high gloss white vinyl and will fit on any standard toilet.