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Product of the Month – Bathroom in a Box

DIY bathroom kit in a boxIf you have never considered the benefits of buying a bathroom in a box, then read on. B&Q have been offering a solution to the multitude of choice out there for some time and it is still as good an idea as it ever has been.

Simply put, when you buy your bathroom you have so much to choose from and it can be hard to know it what you are buying will match, if the taps are suitable and if you have all the relevant bits and pieces you need for installation.

The Treviso bathroom pack is the perfect solution. True, it does not contain a bath, but buying a bath is a relatively easy thing to do, it is the basin and toilet which can be hard. In this case, the work is done for you and for a very reasonable price.

For just £225 you can go direct to your local B&Q and pick up a great plain white bathroom suite which will fit into any décor. You will need to add a bath, but B&Q have plenty of options available for the space you have to fill.

The pack contains a toilet, bath taps, basin and taps, the plug and a pop up waste system. So, aside from the bath itself you have a complete system which matches perfectly and is hassle free. Best of all it comes with full fitting instructions so it is perfect for the DIY enthusiast who is unsure about what to buy and how to fit it.

If you are looking for an inexpensive bathroom which is easy to fit, easy to get home and comes all together in one box, this is for you. However if you are happy to spend hours designing, measuring and shopping for your bathroom, you might want to try the bespoke ranges. I know what I would be happier with.

The Bathroom in a Box is avalible from B&Q.