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Quigo Laser Level

We have been testing out the new Quigo from Bosch. It’s a simple levelling device which produces a cross hair laser line ensuring that you never have to worry about accurate horizontal and vertical lines again. Getting an instant level line projected on a wall means setting out a base line for tiling or ensuring that a stencil repeat is perfectly level is now a breeze.

laser level being used to set out wallpaper

The Quigo can be set to exactly the required height in no time. Use the supplied clamp to quickly fix the Quigo to chair backs, stepladders, doors or shelves and with the swivel arm you can make final adjustments. The clamp holds the Bosch Quigo firmly in position and does not leave any marks even on delicate surfaces. Unlike a spirit level, you’re left with both hands free because the unit is held by the clamp meaning you can get on with the setting out.

The unit is battery powered so you don’t even have to worry about a mains supply – and the batteries are included !

laser level mounted on tripod projected laser cross hair lines

We tried out the Quigo and were very impressed. It’s really easy to set up and get started. One of the really cool features is that it is self levelling. Once you’ve clamped it in position, the mechanism inside levels itself within a few seconds and you’ve got a level line on the wall. It’s sensitive to any movement so it can wobble a bit, but it soon settles and re levels itself again

The unit also has a tripod screw thread mount in the base which is really handy if you have a camera tripod available. We mounted ours on an old tripod and found we could then use the fine height adjustment on the tripod to set the Quigo at exactly the level we needed.

We held a picture up against the wall in roughly the position we wanted to hang it. We then set the laser level up so that the cross hairs marked the base of the picture and the centre line. Having measured the distance from the base of the picture to the hanging point, it was then very easy to mark the picture hook fixing position on the vertical laser line.

picture hook in position on laser line picture fixed in position

Unlike most picture hanging jobs where you end up with several pencil marks on the wall, we had only one – the position of the hook.

The Bosch Quigo is available at all good retail outlets this Spring with a recommended retail price of £49.99.