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Roof Windows

roof windows are a perfect way of letting more light into your homeDue to the recent relaxing of planning permission rules, more people are taking advantage of their loft space to build extra bedrooms. Of course this means that they need to give both light and a means of escape to that room. The easiest and most cost efficient way to do this is to add Velux type roof windows to the angled roof.

Of course Velux is just a name which has come to be associated with this type of flat window which opens both in and out. However there are many different manufacturers of these types of windows.

Generally a roof window is designed to fit between the roof rafters, making it easy to fit without losing the integrity of the structure. For this reason, it is now possible to fit these windows without getting planning permission. Of course building regulations will still need to be involved.

You can buy a roof window in either wood or PVC. Of course the decision is entirely up to the look which you want to achieve. But PVC windows will tend to last longer and will not need the same level of maintenance. It is important to bear in mind that getting access to the window may be difficult.

There are a number of different opening options when it comes to roof windows:

  • Pivoting: These windows have a central pivoting fixing allowing it to open both out and in at the same time offering the maximum amount of air flow.
  • Means of escape: These windows are designed for rooms which require a way of getting out in the event of fire. They either open completely out with the hinge point being on one side or the top or they are on a bracket which allows them to be pushed upwards and out.
  • Dormer: For the look of a dormer without the building aspect, it is possible to buy complete dormer kits with the windows included. It includes vertical windows and angled upper windows. This can give some extra headspace in the loft room.

Fitting roof windows is not a job for the faint hearted. It involves climbing on to the roof and installing flashing around the opening. It is very important to prevent leaks so it’s essential that this stage is completed correctly. However as already mentioned, most windows will fit between rafters, so the carpentry aspect is less than might be expected.

Most windows will come with a flashing kit suitable for a DIY installation. The process involves building a frame for the window, removing the slates or tiles around the opening, installing the flashing and fitting the window. Most kits come with full instructions.

Roof windows will not only add light to your home, but they also add value and good looks.