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Smart Glass - At The Touch Of A Button

A very modern and innovative way of providing both privacy and light to a room is to install smart glass, a glass product which at the touch of a switch will become opaque or clear, depending on how it is to be used.

Smart glass, or privacy glass as it is sometimes known, is manufactured with a film of liquid crystal molecules sandwiched between two sheets of glass. With the use of a small electrical current, the molecules align with each other allowing light to pass though and making the glass appear to be see through. When the current to the glass is switched off, the molecules become random making the glass opaque.

While smart glass is not used regularly in homes and is more popular in modern office buildings; it does have some useful home applications. It is perfect for use in bathrooms where a blind may ruin the look of the room or where permanently opaque or etched glass may not allow enough light to enter the room. It can also be used in rooms where a dividing screen would be useful; such as rooms with en-suites or dressing areas.

These panels have a number of advantages. They offer instant privacy and block most of the damaging UV light which can ruin carpets and furnishings. They are low maintenance and easy to keep clean; as opposed to curtains and blinds. They can also be used as a projection screen in home theatres. They also come in a number of shapes and sizes and can even be produced bespoke to fit your home perfectly.

Smart glass can be used in bi-fold doors, windows, internal panels, feature walls and in doors. Whole walls can be replaced with the glass to add an open feel to the room when it is clear or two private rooms when required.

As with most products which use high end technology and require bespoke fitting, Smart glass is not cheap. In fact you can expect to pay from around £600 per square metre. If you buy standard sizes you may be able to find a lower price.

Clearly this is not a product to be taken lightly. However if you want something which will add the wow factor to your home and will not detract from the clean minimalist lines you are looking for, smart glass could be a great option.