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Takker Guide to Picture Hanging

Guide to hanging pictures and canvas prints using the Takker. This simple solution requires no nails or hammers and is quick and easy to use

Quick and Easy Picture and Canvas Print Hanging - No Hammers or Nails Required

Firstly check that your wall surface is suitable for hanging with Takker. Suitable surfaces for hanging pictures and canvas prints up to 10Kgs with Takker are:

  • plaster
  • plasterboard and drywall
  • wood

If unsure of suitability, test on a hidden part of your wall surface.

Decide where to hang your picture - this is the most time consuming step but it is worthwhile getting it right first time. Take into consideration the size of your picture or canvas print in proportion to the wall. Where possible, line up with the lines already in your room - visualise the lines extending from windows, doors and other furniture. If hanging small pictures or canvas prints, consider grouping them together for impact. Getting a helper to hold the pictures or canvas prints in place while you step back and look at the positioning may help.

Holding the picture or print in place, mark the centre of the top of the picture with a light pencil mark. Hold the picture’s hanging wire taut and measure the distance to the top of the frame (or the distance from the hanging tab/tabs if using them). Measure the same distance below the pencil mark to give you the exact positioning for the Takker Takk and mark this with a cross using a light pencil.

Now take your Takker and hold it firmly against your wall surface lining the positioning lines on the Takker with the pencil cross on the wall for perfect first time positioning.

Using the Takker to fix a takk

Pull out the red plunger with your other hand until you hear a click. Push in the plunger firmly until the Takk is fully inserted into the wall surface (push again if required but be careful not to pull out the red plunger so far that you hear a click as this may load another Takk into the chamber).

Attaching picture hook Hanging Picture

Simply attach a Takker Picture Hook or Takker Canvas Hanger and hang your new picture or canvas print.

Stand back and admire your handy-work!

How to Hang a Picture Video

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