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Tools for a Tomboy

These days it is nothing unusual for a woman to own a home on her own, to live alone or with other women, to be divorced or separated. Women have actually, through necessity become pretty good at getting things done and manufacturers have finally begun to realise that the market for women and DIY can be huge. There have been a plethora of tools coming on to the market in recent times aimed at women and women have been joyfully taking them up on the offer. Proving it to the boys that girls can do just as good a job as they can.

Women cite many reasons for getting involved in the DIY craze:

  • To save money
  • To improve their self esteem
  • For personal pride and the satisfaction of learning something new.
  • So they feel less reliant on their husbands or boyfriends – who may actually not be all that good at DIY anyway!
  • So they can help their parents to complete any odd jobs.
  • So they can set a good example to their children and prove that times are changing.

How are the tools different?

  • They are designed to be lighter to handle but still effective at doing the job.
  • They are smaller with ergonomically designed handles for small hands with rubber grips.
  • Screwdrivers are ratcheted to make it easier to use.
  • They come in a range of more attractive colours (and yes, that definitely includes pink!)
  • Protective gear can also be found in smaller sizes and properly designed for a woman's shape.
  • They can be bought in packs and bundles as gifts for the friend who thinks they have everything. is a website aimed directly at women who want the opportunity to do it them selves. They sell tools aimed specifically at women, but they also sell them in a way which only women would understand – as party plans.

You can actually have a party, invite your friends over, have a few glasses of wine and buy some tools. The trained party organisers take the time to show the best way to use the tools, how they are different from the usual “man tools” and you get to have a go. All in a way which encourages women to enter an environment which might be quite alien to them.

For most women the thought of asking in a DIY or tool specialist store for advice on which tools are best would be unthinkable. You would be fearful you'd be laughed out of the shop. Rightly or wrongly this stereotype still exists and Tomboy Tools are doing their best to help women overcome this fear.

So the next time you see a woman with a tool belt (even if it is pink with diamantes!) you had better take her seriously, chances are she knows exactly what she is doing and she may just be after your job!

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