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Ultimate Fence Protection System

Fence-PalTM is a new innovation in treating wooden fence panels within concrete post and gravel board fencing. Fence-PalTM is fitted in seconds to the fence post and gravel board and is used in conjunction with a sprayer or a brush. While the concrete is protected from unsightly stains from the preservative, a top screen is also included which prevents overspray travelling over the fence on to neighbours property.

fence protection system

With all of the concrete surfaces protected, the time taken to treat the whole garden fencing is significantly reduced. Not only is the job completed more quickly, it’s neater and all of those awkward areas are treated between the wood and concrete sections of the fence protecting them from the elements.

At last there is protection for garden fencing, enabling sprayers that have languished within the garden shed, to now be liberated and used as they should, with the help of Fence-PalTM.

Fence-PalTM compliments the many sprayers on the market and enables sprayers to reach their full potential. Once the garden is treated, it’s recyclable. Its comes flat packed and measures just L31”xW14”xD1” and an RRP is £9.99