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De-cluttering with Hippobag

waste bag from hippobagDe-cluttering is often top of the ‘jobs around the house’ list on a bank holiday. But after reluctantly de-cluttering, getting rid of excess junk and queuing at the tip is the last thing anyone wants to have to do on a long weekend, especially if the sun is shining.

To help make the process easier, HIPPOWASTE™ has launched a brand new website where you can buy a HIPPOBAG and collection package online - is a one stop shop.

By booking a package through the website you benefit from free postage and packaging, delivery to your door and a reduced collection price, leaving you time to enjoy the long weekend.

The HIPPOBAG is the cost-effective, hassle-free and eco-friendly alternative to the traditional skip that makes the collection and disposal of rubbish easier than ever before – and no trips to the tip!

An exceptionally strong polypropylene bag, the HIPPOBAG can hold large amounts of waste and is available from DIY retailers nationwide as well as online. It comes flat-packed and in two convenient sizes – the MIDIBAG, which can hold one tonne of waste, and the MEGABAG, which can take up to 1.5 tonnes (and even hold an entire bathroom suite!).

The HIPPOBAG can hold a wide variety of waste, including unwanted clutter and bulky items such as carpets or kitchen units. It’s also a great way to get rid of large amounts of grass cuttings, weeds, prunings, and even soil, rubble and hardcore wastes for those green fingers out there de-cluttering their gardens in time for the summer.

It couldn’t be easier to use - all you do is purchase a MIDIBAG or a MEGABAG, fill it with rubbish and then call HIPPOWASTE (or book your collection online) and they will come and take it away, even if you aren’t at home.

Not only does this save you the time and hassle of visiting the tip, but it’s also an ethical and environmentally-friendly solution as HIPPOWASTE recycle an average of over 80% of waste collected. As a registered waste carrier, HIPPOWASTE also ensures you meet your legal Duty of Care obligations for disposing of your rubbish.

Lisa Barber, waste management expert at HIPPOWASTE, commented: “Every household needs to get rid of the myriad of clutter that accumulates from time to time and when better to do it than over a long bank holiday weekend. It’s no easy feat so see my de-cluttering tips below. Happy de-cluttering!”

Lisa’s Top 10 De-cluttering Tips

  • Take a few minutes to mentally survey each room and jot down the problem areas that your family finds impossible to keep neat.
  • Now find ways to fix the problems. Think about habits, behaviours and tools that can make those messes disappear.
  • Start small and easy - sort out your drawers or your kitchen notice board, something which can be achieved relatively easily.
  • Make the task in hand easier by involving the children – many hands make light work!
  • Pick one room at a time to overhaul. This way, you get a sense of achievement when it’s finished and will be motivated to move on to the next one.
  • Have a hard look at everything. Your motto should be: if in doubt, chuck it out. Once it's gone you won't miss it!
  • Relegate to one of three categories: bin, charity shop, recycling depot.
  • Don’t forget junk drawers, medicine cabinets, garages, closets, storage (including attics and basements) and outdoors. We don’t always see the disorder in these areas until we open them and try to find things!
  • Once you've cleared the place, the dirt will be laid bare making spring cleaning easier.
  • De-clutter seasonally, not just at spring clean time! It will help your home look better and run more smoothly.

MIDIBAG prices start from £8.48 with collection at a fixed cost of £49.50 including VAT. The MEGABAG prices start from £11.48 with collection at a fixed cost of £69.50 including VAT. If you have more than one bag collected at once, you get an £11.50 discount!

Available from Homebase, B&Q, Focus DIY, Wickes and Travis Perkins.

Visit our new website - - or call 0870 880 2430.