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My Favourite Eco-Product

Glass is one of the few products which when we recycle it, almost 100% of the product can be reused and made into another glass item. Whether it is your wine bottles, milk bottle or your pasta sauce jar, a piece of glass should always end up in your recycling bin. It is one of the few sustainable pieces of rubbish we have.

It certainly hasn't taken long for manufacturers and artists to take the glass recycling message on board. They are producing beautiful items made from recycled glass, showing how it can be reused and recycled and for a better purpose than producing a beer bottle.

If you are into DIY you might be interested to learn that you can now purchase eco-friendly glass worktops for your kitchen and bathroom and they are made almost entirely of recycled glass and other recycled items

Glass Eco is one of the few companies in the country where worktops are made from 95% glass bottles and recycled plastics. They can be supplied in a matt finish or they can be polished to a dazzling shine.

The best thing about this product is that it can be produced to any colour required. From the white which is made from clear bottles and jars to worktops which have added sand, crushed shells or specks of mirror to add interest and depth. You can choose exactly how your worktop will be finished – the colour combinations you want, how it is polished, the shape of the edges or even if you are having drainage grooves or not.

One of the things you can be sure of is that this product will last a lifetime. While it requires the same care which you might use on a granite surface such as not placing hot things directly onto it or not using the surface as a cutting board, it is incredibly hard-wearing. In fact, it even improves with age.

When it comes to price it is like asking how long is a piece of string. It all depends on your kitchen size, your choice of materials and the number of extra features you require. However it is worthwhile getting someone in to measure up as it may be cheaper than you expect. If you choose a mix of materials from their classic range you will be able to keep the price down. Those colours which are harder to source – such as blue glass – will be more expensive.

There are very few products which are both good for the environment and look quite so amazing. This product will improve your eco-credentials without you even having to give up on the look you are trying to create.