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Shed Storage Solutions

Garden Shed Among TreesA shed will usually start its life as the perfect place for those few DIY tools and gardening implements which we all need to store securely, out of the rain. Over time the odd bike might be thrown in and before you know it, the shed is over-run with various items ranging from kids footballs and deflated paddling pools, to the broken strimmer which you thought might come in handy one day.

Sooner or later the shed is going to need a clear out and it is then that you will need to think about how you are going to store all of your items so that you can have easy access to them and more importantly they will stay safe and in good condition.

There are a number of storage solutions for sheds on the market these days and you can even create your own if you are handy with a hammer – presuming you can find it of course!

Metal storage racks are suitable for garden sheds. They often incorporate shelving and hooks with baskets and can be bought in a modular fashion allowing you to build up the required amount. They can be used for hanging garden tools and keeping items such as bottles and other smaller bits and pieces.

For the kids toys a basket attached to the wall is perfect. You can throw in the balls and tennis rackets and they will never roll across the floor again. Having all of the toys in one spot makes it easy for the children to get hold of them. Ensure you attach it to a wall at a level they can reach.

On higher shelves you should place items which are poisonous or dangerous to children. It is possible to buy lockable boxes or cabinets for extra peace of mind. You could also store anything which is especially valuable in a cabinet like this and keep a padlock on it.

If you have a number of tools and want to keep plenty of accessories such as nails and screws on hand at all times, then you might want to invest in a tool cabinet. These come with a number of drawers and shelves and are often on wheels. They can then be taken to any part of the house or garden you are working on. It is the equivalent of taking the garden shed with you.

Bicycles are another bulky item which often end up in the shed. They can take up lots of space on the floor and often fall over or get in the way. The best thing to do is to attach a bike stand to the wall and hook the bikes onto it. Many of these racks will hold two bikes and even have a shelf for cycle helmets and locks. The best sort are the ones which fold away when not in use.

If you are a real DIYer you will not be content with buying anything off the shelf. In this case you can always build your own shelving. Simple brackets and planks of wood will suffice. But for a real touch of luxury, old kitchen units work well in a shed. In fact a whole kitchen with the worktop as well would be put to good use in a shed. Ask around neighbours or friends to find out when anyone is having their kitchen replaced and offer to take it off their hands.

With a little imagination your shed can become a pristine and organised haven. Just don't let the kids in!