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Spas & Hot Tubs

hot tubThere is nothing like coming home at the end of a long day and being able to lower yourself into a hot spa bath or hot tub. Whether it is outside or inside, a hot tub is pure luxury and can be perfect for an evening together with family and friends. If you buy one of these you can guarantee you will be Mr Popular in no time.

A hot tub consists of an acrylic shell which will sit inside a cabinet. It will require a pump or two and plumbing. Included will be a number of nozzles and jets with a heater, filter and usually a lid, particularly if you keep it outdoors.

There is no need to connect a hot tub to the mains water as it is perfectly acceptable to fill it with a hosepipe and bring the temperature up by using the heater. It does take some time to heat up a large volume of water , so it should be left on to ensure it is always ready for use. The energy costs will vary, but will be much less in the summer months. It is important to keep the chemicals in the water topped up to ensure the water remains safe for all the family.

The cot of running a hot tub is not just the purchase price. You will need to consider landscaping if it is outdoors, the cost of electricity and the ongoing cost of chemicals.

How to buy a hot tub

Always use a reputable dealer with a good name in selling the hot tub of your choice. There is no excuse for not doing research, as this is a large investment. Ask for a guarantee and if it will be serviced. They should offer references which you must follow up. Don't be afraid to get in and try the hot tub before you buy. Take your swimsuit!

The Shell

This is the most expensive and the hardest part to replace, so it needs to be well chosen. The shell is moulded acrylic and is reinforced with fibreglass. It will be enduring a lot of stress when full of water so it needs to be top quality.

The Pump

Often a hot tub will come with two pumps, one for the jet system and one to circulate the water. These need to be strong enough for the size tub you have chosen or the whirlpool effect will be somewhat lack-lustre. Sometimes the pump will only work jets in certain areas at one time. This is OK if only one or two people use it one time, but larger pumps should be used if more people are likely to use it.


These can be directional, rotating or pulsating. To decide on which is best for you, a test is essential. Not everyone wants a full-on painful massage all the time, so if they can be turned up and down, the hot tub experience will be even better.


This will prevent the water inside from reducing due to condensation, and from getting dirty. It also offers insulation to keep water heating bills down. The lid should be lockable and have excellent insulation.

Ozone generators

These can be used to clean the water and reduce the amount of chemicals required in the hot tub. They release oxygen atoms into the water which kill bacteria and mean that you can avoid using costly and harmful cleaners. They are not 100% effective but will help the avoidance of chemicals. The ozone generator should be run for several hours each day to be most effective.