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Spruce Up Your Driveway

The driveway of our home is often the one part of the property which is neglected. The impression that home-owners have is that making a driveway look new and exciting is going to be an expensive, time consuming and messy job. Obviously if you opt for laying a new driveway then it could be all those things, but a few small touches to your driveway could update the look without costing a fortune and make your home the envy of your neighbours.

New Driveway Options

If you really don't think you can get away with a minor makeover and want to relay your driveway, there are a few good options to choose from.

  • Concrete – can look boring, but it is possible to use imprints and moulds to create a block paving effect. It is likely it will need to be laid in several sections and will have lines running across.
  • Tarmac – this needs to be done by an expert and not from someone who approaches you at the door. It is useful as it can be patched when required.
  • Gravel – this is the best type for the DIYer. Simply dig up the old driveway, compact and level the ground underneath. Ensure there are no weeds and lay down the gravel. It may need topping up every now and then.
  • Block Paving – The ground needs to be level and compacted then a layer of sand is put down. Sometimes the blocks can be laid directly onto this, but often a concrete bed is used. The blocks can be large or small and used to create curves.

unfinsihed drivewayIf you have decided to splash put on a new driveway then take the time to design it properly. There is no need to stay with the original position. Adding a curve can add a whole new dimension to the front of your home.


Aside form the obvious security lighting, people do not often think of lighting their driveway as such. But solar lights can add a dramatic and useful ambience to your home. Placed to the side of the driveway, it can light it up to make it easier to use, but will create a welcoming atmosphere. It is also useful for lighting the front path to your home. Best of all these types of lights require no electrical work and can simply be placed in the ground.


Digging in a border to each side of the driveway is the perfect way to brighten up what could be a very boring section of the property. Line the edges of the drive with colourful flowers or even short hedges. This will give even the worst concrete driveway a good lift.


Once again, it is possible to create a border to the driveway by placing stones or rocks on each side. The rocks can be used to create a type of rockery garden and laid to whatever height looks the best.


Simply painting the fence to the side of the drive can make a startling change to the front of the home. Add some trellis for another interesting look. A new front fence and gate across the driveway will give added security, but also gives the home a luxury look.

You might feel that your driveway is short on options when it comes to improving its style, but really with a little imagination, the options are just as varied as any part of the garden.