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Water Features

There is nothing quite like the sound of running water in a garden. During the summer this can be the most relaxing sound and will bring birds and wildlife to your garden. Whether you have the room for a full pond and waterfall or just a small free-standing water feature, there are certainly an incredible number to choose from. Deciding which is best for your garden can be difficult, but our guide should point you in the right direction.

In general water features can be split into four different main types:

Stainless steel: These work well indoors or out and are weather resistant. The stainless steel adds a reflective quality which works well with the flowing water. Other metals are sometimes used, but can be prone to discolouration.

Resin: Artificial stone water features are often made of resin and can look very realistic. The correct shape can be easily achieved with resin and the material means that they are strong but light enough to move around.

Glass: Combined with specialist lighting, a glass water feature can create amazing colours to go with the soothing effect of the water. Adding LED lights can add a special effect for garden parties.

Granite or stone: often these are simply pieces of stone which have been modified to allow water to flow through or over them. They are naturally different from each other and are not shaped in any way. They can be drilled to create holes or can have lights inset into them.

Most water features need to have an electrical supply to work. This should be attached to an indoor electrical socket with an RCD attached or a special outdoor socket. You should get an electrician in to help you install one of these. The cable should be covered in a conduit to keep it safe when. Of course care should always be taken when using electricity anywhere around water and unless you are totally familiar with electrics you should employ an electrician to take care of this aspect.

If you prefer not to use electricity it is possible to get solar powered water features which work very well. Some will come with an electrical adapter as well so they can be used in the evenings. The solar powered water feature comes with a small solar panel which can be placed nearby in a sunny spot. This will be enough to power the feature all day.

From the ultra modern, to more traditional designs, water features can be as easy to install as plugging in any other appliance. Many can be used indoors and they offer peace and tranquillity to a garden. Having something to watch and listen to while outdoors can add to the relaxation of a summers day.