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Covered Outdoor Areas

With the almost continuous rain we seem to have had this summer and the chance of more to come, ideas for keeping off the rain and the sun (if it comes out) in the garden are what are needed. Even if the weather is poor, many of us still like to enjoy a drink outside or to have a BBQ.

There are many options when it comes to keeping dry outside; some are permanent structures while others can be hidden away when the garden is not in use. The following options might just be perfect for your garden needs.

Built in canopies

These canopies are permanent but fairly lightweight structures which are built into your outside wall. Depending on the size, they can either be cantilevered or held in place with brackets to the side. The plastic roof structure protects from the rain and offers some shade. In some cases it is possible to buy these as removable items which can be reattached during the summer months.

Retractable canopies/awnings

A retractable canopy is one which is made of a flexible canvas and can therefore be wound into a box which is attached to the wall. In some cases these will be self supporting and in others legs or sides are provided to offer more stability. These are great for when you would rather not have the awning out all year round as they are quickly and easily packed away.

Pop-up canopies/tents

If you are looking for something which is portable, a pop-up tent or canopy is perfect. These are simply canvas rooms which can be packed away into a bag or box. They often come with sides which include windows and doors and are perfect for outdoor parties and provide extra space.


For protection from the sun, an umbrella is a good standby option. Large full sized umbrellas are big enough to cover an entire table and seats and will keep people dry and cool. They are usually adjustable and can even be fitted with lights for evening use.

Timber built shelters

If you want a more permanent structure you can always build a shelter such as a pergola in your garden. This option may be more expensive and less flexible but it does offer year round use. Some of these structures allow the use of a BBQ or small built in fire and can therefore be cosy and warm even during the winter.