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Ever Thought About a Swimming Pool?

swimming poolWith global warming and extremes of temperatures, more of us are considering the benefits of having a swimming pool in our garden. Of course a paddling pool is one thing, but a proper full sized swimming pool, suitable for the whole family might seem out of reach. You may have to get the experts in to help or consider hiring in some machinery, but it is possible to fit a swimming pool in most reasonably sized gardens.

Above Ground Pools

  • Frame Pools – These come in a variety of sizes and are a good entry level pool. The vinyl pool sits inside a frame and comes with a ladder to make getting in easier. The best thing is that you can dismantle the pool during the winter, but the grass underneath will have died so be prepared for a bit of gardening to fix that. Also they can hold a lot of water so consider where that will go.
  • Panel Pools – More expensive, these pools come as flat pack kits with steel or timber panels. Not easy to remove, so are more of a permanent structure, which is a shame because they generally look quite industrial.
  • Timber Pools – These are designed to look good and can be placed onto decking or a patio. The timber cladding fits well into the garden setting and they are a very attractive option. Generally these types of pools will require professional fitting and will set you back anything from £3,000.

In Ground Pools

Obviously all these types of pools will involve lots of digging. It is possible to do this yourself, with the required permission. The pools will usually have a concrete base and a liner then panels can be added around the sides. It is also possible to buy fibre glass pools which are ready made and simply placed into the ground.

It is important to expect to pay anything up to £10,000 for a basic kit and even up to £20,000 for all the extras, such as heating, pumps, covers and interesting shapes. This is before you add on landscape costs. Add another £500 a year in maintenance costs.

So it is not a cheap option, but will add thousands to the value of your home. And with the weather seeming to improve every year, the time to invest may have come.