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Home Office Outside The Home

Working from home is now not just the preserve of the self employed. More and more, the employed are bringing work home from the office or working from home ,even if it is on a part time basis. This can mean that the front room can be overrun with office equipment, unless you are lucky enough to have a dedicated work space.

For many the garage or an outdoor shed can be transformed into a usable and comfortable work area with the minimum of time and money. It can offer an area away from the main house, to give the user a split between home life and work life and even a great space for meeting clients or for dedicating to a craft or hobby.

But how to prepare a cold and unloved part of the garden to an office.

Create the space

A garage will need to have part of it partitioned off to create a decent space. This might be the back end of the garage leaving room for storage at the front. It is quite simple to build a partition wall and to add a door for this purpose. Try to choose an area which has a window, or consider adding a sky light. Thankfully a shed will be a useful space without any DIY building required.

Electricity and Phone lines

The next step is to ensure that the area has power and phone line access. This will be essential for computer use and probably for keeping warm or cool. An electrician will be able to quote for bringing electricity from the main house and the phone lines can be extended in the same way. If a dedicated line is required, your phone provider will be able to do this for you,


Most garages will have only minimal insulation and sheds are unlikely to have any at all. Insulation is going to essential to keep the room warm and dry. When building the partition wall in the garage, add insulation to the wall cavity and then consider dry lining the block walls with insulation within to keep them warm too.

Most important is the roof, as most heat leaves the building this way. Pack insulation into the loft area of the shed or garage.

Add a designer touch

Now you can complete your office with some personal touches. Carpet is a good idea for keeping things warm and painting the walls can make the area clean and crisp. Hiding all traces of the previous use.

Add a desk and chair and importantly, a source of heating and you are about ready to go.

Now comes the hard bit...dragging yourself away from the kitchen or TV to your office everyday. It's hard, but it beats the M25.